The Ethbet Crowdsale began on September 17th at 8PM UTC and closed 4.6 days later after all tokens were purchased.

The crowdsale has closed to new participants after all tokens have been purchased.

To see statistics on the crowdsale, please read this post.

100% Complete

100% of the 7,500,000 available tokens were purchased in 4.6 days and the crowdsale is now permaneantly closed to new participants.

If you would like to purchase EBET, please check out HitBTC or EtherDelta.

Crowdsale Information

The symbol for Ethbet Tokens is EBET. Of the 10,000,000 available tokens, 75% were available during the crowdsale, with 5% going to our bounty and the community, 10% to our partners, and 10% to Ethbet.
The crowdsale's smart contract is open-source and available on Github.
The crowdsale has passed an independent security audit and has also had bug bounties available on Reddit.
Although the crowdsale has closed you can still purchase EBET tokens from exchanges or other users. To see statistics on crowdsale participation, check out this post.

The Ethbet token (EBET)

The Ethbet token is fully ERC20-compliant, ensuring that it is supported by all major wallets and exchanges.

EBET is the first supported betting currency for the live launch of Ethbet.

EBET is currently listed on the following exchanges: HitBTC, EtherDelta

Token Information

Token Contract Address0x7D5Edcd23dAa3fB94317D32aE253eE1Af08Ba14d
Token Decimals2
Token SymbolEBET
Total Possibly Supply10,000,000

For information about how Ethbet and its token functions, please read the Ethbet whitepaper.