The Ethbet Crowdsale began on September 17th at 8PM UTC and is still running. The current investor bonus is +40% for week-one investors.

Read the Official Crowdsale Guide and FAQ Before Contributing.

100% Complete

The crowdsale is sold out and is no longer open to new investors.

If you would still like to purchase EBET, check out EtherDelta where it is currently listed. More exchange listings are pending.

Crowdsale Information

The symbol for Ethbet Tokens is EBET. Of the 10,000,000 available tokens, 75% are available during the crowdsale, with 5% going to our bounty and the community, 10% to our partners, and 10% to Ethbet.
With a maximum possible sale of 7,500,000 tokens at the best rate of 1,500 EBET per ETH, the Ethbet crowdsale will reach its hard cap and will close to new investors after a total of 5,000 ETH have been contributed to it. This low hard cap ensures that we will not be significantly over-funded and that our token holders will each be able to own a large proportion of EBET. In the unlikely scenario that the crowdsale receives less than 300 ETH in contributions, it will be deemed to have been insufficiently funded, and all crowdsale contributions will be returned to investors by smart contract.
Ethbet has had no pre-crowdsale and will not have an additional crowdsale. Ethbet's portion of EBET will be locked by smart contract for 6 months to ensure our incentives are alongside our investors. Any unsold tokens after the crowdsale will be burnt to prevent token dilution.
The base exchange rate is 1,000 EBET per ETH. There is no minimum investment although it is encouraged to send at least 0.1 or 1 ETH. The early investor bonuses remaining are listed in the following table.
DurationBonusEffective Rate
First Week Bonus+40%1,400 EBET = 1 ETH
Second Week Bonus+30%1,300 EBET = 1 ETH
Third Week Bonus+25%1,250 EBET = 1 ETH
Final Week Bonus+15%1,150 EBET = 1 ETH
The crowdsale's smart contract is open-source and available on Github.
The crowdsale has passed an independent security audit and has also had bug bounties available on Reddit.


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The Ethbet token (EBET)

Ethbet token holders possess the currency that powers the Ethbet protocol.

As Ethbet gains more adoption, there are several factors which can contribute to the value of Ethbet tokens, including increased consumer demand, increased token utility, increased token value due to network effects, and increased value due to its deflationary nature and buy-back demand from Ethbet smart contracts.

Ethbet token holders are also able to vote on proposals to improve Ethbet. Token holders can vote on values such as what Ethbet's cut of its optional player-defined house edge should be or what future projects Ethbet should pursue, allowing them to steer the platform in the direction that is most profitable. For information on why the EBET cannot pay dividends please read this post.

The Ethbet token is fully ERC20-compliant, ensuring that it will already be supported by all major wallets and exchanges on the day of the crowdsale.

At this point in time we have confirmed that EBET is intended to be listed on at least one exchange (EtherDelta). The crowdsale post will be updated as this changes.

Token Information

Token Contract Adress0x7D5Edcd23dAa3fB94317D32aE253eE1Af08Ba14d
Token Decimals2
Token SymbolEBET
Total Possibly Supply10,000,000

For more information about how Ethbet and its token functions, please read the Ethbet whitepaper.

How to take part in the Ethbet Crowdsale

Please read the Official Crowdsale Guide+FAQ for detailed instructions and information on how to contribute to the crowdsale.
1. Use a wallet that supports tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, or Mist.
2. Move Ethereum into your wallet. Ethereum is the only currency that is accepted in the Ethbet crowdsale. If you do not have Ethereum, you can buy it from websites such as Coinbase, or use a service such as Shapeshift or cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitfinex or Poloniex to exchange other cryptocurrencies for Ethereum. Be sure to securely store and back up your private key.
3. Send the desired amount of ETH to the crowdsale wallet address obtainable via the large button at the top of this page. You will receive 1,000 EBET plus an early investor bonus per ETH that you send.
Do not send ETH from an exchange wallet such as Coinbase, Poloniex, and many others. These wallets do not support ERC20 tokens, including Ethbet. Your tokens will be lost if you use a wallet that does not support tokens.